Soosul – Tap Tap Beauty Time! (Skin Care Review)

“High quality traditional oriental herbal aesthetics at an affordable cost”

South Korea herbal cosmetic brand Soosul not only launched a cosmetic product line, but also their skin care products that contains their iconic and prized ingredient, Sang-Hwang mushroom. This article will provide a review of the skin care products that were provided by Soosul.

As previously stated within my first review, “Soosul – Let’s talk Makeup (Cosmetic Review)”, Soosul has been recognized as a professional R&D (research and development) company by the Korean Government. They have also received investments from national institutions, such as the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, for the development of new cosmetic materials with unrivaled technical skills.

This brand has been known to use an ingredient known as, Sang-Hwang (also known as Phellinus Linteus). This is not only the first in the world to be certified by Korea as organic, but also as medicine. The mushroom not only has outstanding brightening effects, but also high antioxidants.

Aside from internal medicinal purposes, for skin care, Sang-Hwang has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties that helps neutralize the free radicals (unstable molecules that can damage the cells in your body) to heal, regenerate, and protect your all-important skin cells. Studies have shown that the mushroom helps neutralizes free radicals that cause wrinkles on the skin.

The following skin care products that were send and provided are the following:

  • Soosul Ginseng Cream
  • Soosul Whitening Sleeping Pack
  • Soosul Whitening Body Tone-Up Cream
  • Soosul Eye Cream
  • Soosul Essence

Be wary that each product contains a light scent, possibly from the Sang-Hwang. The scent is not so over powering that it overwhelms all of your senses, it does disperse overtime; it’s very subtle herbal scent. If you are very sensitive to smells, be cautious of this product.

With that in mind, let’s head into the review!


Out of all of the products that were sent, I was very excited to try this one the most. Ginseng is known to have many benefits such as energy boost, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress and what not. When I am feeling unwell or traveling, I always drink a cup of hot green tea with fresh slices of ginger to not only heal any queasy or nauseous feeling, but also as a pick me up.

With that all in mind, I was very excited to try this product.

How To Use:

  • Take a gentle amount of product onto the provided spatula and apply to it your face starting from your chin to forehead; work your way from bottom up.

The balanced extraction between the Sang-Hwang (Phellinus Linteus) and ginseng will have your skin not only glowing but also brighten. In skin care, ginseng has been known to have benefit in toning and brightening the skin but also for anti-aging; how perfect! 

The consistency of the product is slightly thick upon initial swab while being creamy at the same time. Very easy to apply onto the skin but as the consistency is slightly thick, be wary to place just a subtle amount to gently apply and pat into the skin to fully absorb into the skin.


The Soosul whitening sleeping pack contains not only the herbal mushroom Sang-Hwang but also morus alba (also known as white mulberry). As explained on “Paula’s Choice Skincare”, morus alba is known as a non-fragrant plant that not is a brightening agent but also can be used to even out the skin tone.

Ingredients within the product also contains hyaluronic acid that will assist in keeping your skin moisturized as you sleep followed by aloe vera, luff and liquorice that will make your skin feel soft and clean.

How To Use:

  • After washing your face, gently swab a subtle amount onto the spatula before placing it onto your hand to apply onto your face and neck before massaging the product into your skin

From already seeing the packaging, not only are you receiving a beautiful accessory for your vanity but also the quantity of product inside is definitely worth the price! Trust me when you open the lid of the sleeping pack, you will see that the product is filled to the rim.

A little definitely goes a long way so once again, gently apply a subtle amount of product onto your skin before applying more if needed. As a spatula was provided for the ginseng cream I was anticipating for one to be provided for the sleeping pack as well and was not disappointed; thank you Soosul!

The product smoothly applies onto the skin but has a slight sticky residue upon initial application, it could be seen as a benefit to keep your skin moisturized throughout the night but I would be slightly worried to have it be absorbed onto my pillow before my skin. Be sure to tap the product until majority of the product is absorbed.

Do be warned for these cautions:

  • Should you see either redness or swollen skin from contact with the sunlight after usage of the product, be sure to contact your doctor immediately
  • Do not use overuse product on scars
  • Keep product away from exposure of the sunlight


A brighter not only for the face but for the body!

How To Use:

  • After you step out of the shower and dry yourself, apply a suitable amount onto areas that are darkened; for a more satisfying brightening effect.

This is quite an interesting product that I have never thought about using before but as I have some scars on my arm and legs, I have been curious if this could possibly help lighten them up. Will keep on trying and will be sure provide updates if this brightening cream will help with that.

Although, as this is a brightening cream be cautious about exposure to the sunlight; be sure to store the cream in a cool and dark location.


As I have been on the hunt for an eye cream to help erase the dark circles under my eyes, I hoped that Soosul’s Eye Cream will be the answer.

Out of all of the products that Soosul had sent in their skin care line, I took this one with me during my trip to Singapore and Japan followed by Los Angeles. I was quite afraid of the products possibly breaking within the luggage and this seemed like one of the most crucial products needed for my skin care routine.

How To Use:

  • Slightly press down on the pump for the product to be released and use your middle or ring finger to apply small dots around underneath your eyes before gently massaging the product gently from the direction inside to out

After using the product for roughly a month, I can say that the product did keep the applied areas moisturized but sadly did not have a brightening effect as I hoped. It may had been the air moisture in Asia compared to Los Angeles because even using the product in Los Angeles, I immediately noticed that under my eyes were slightly dry when I applied makeup. Will continue to test this out and will provide an update.


The final product to review that was sent by Soosul is their essences cream!

This product contains roughly 10% of highly concentrated Sang-Hwang extract along with 10 different Korean medical herbs that will improve not only the skin barrier but also moisture retention overall, making your skin healthier. 

How To Use:

  • Gently pump a subtle amount of product onto your fingers before applying onto your face before massaging the product into your skin from the center of your face up to your ears; work in an outwards motion

The consistency of the product is slightly like a gel so can easily be applied onto your skin but again has a slight stickiness to it. Be sure to start of lightly before adding more if needed.

My overall thoughts of the products is that with the consistency, I believe that this would be best used at night instead of both morning and night. The packaging is eye catching and beautiful but quite heavy but also slightly dangerous to take around while traveling. Although they may appear durable, I did not want to risk the worry of the products breaking within my suitcase. It seems like the only products suitable for traveling would be the Soosul Whitening Tone-Up Cream and possibly the Soosul Essence and Soosul Eye Cream; packaged very carefully.

The rest can safely rest at home on my vanity where they will wow anyone who enters my restroom.

I hope that you found this article informative and helpful! Let me know what you think about these products in the comment section down below and don’t miss out an opportunity to get your own in our giveaway!

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