Hipop Giveaway: RED VELVET “RBB” Album

Since Red Velvet just came back and it’s the Holiday season, Hipop is giving away six (6) copies of RV “Really Bad Boy” album to six (6) lucky ReVeluv! This giveaway is open worldwide!


  • Make an account on hipop.
  • Your account must have 80HP (HiPop points) or more to enter! If want to know all the easy ways to earn HP, click here! It doesn’t matter if you collect points after or before you submit your entry to this giveaway. What matter the most is your account have 80HP (or more) the day we choose the winners.
  • Reply to this post answering the following questions:
    1. What do you think about Red Velvet “RBB” Comeback/Song? 
    2. Who’s your bias in Red Velvet?
  • For additional entries:


Giveaway ends on 12/31. Winners will be contacted through the email they used for their Hipop account. Winners have 72 hours to reply or prize will be voided. So don’t forget to check your email!


For promotion details please see Rules and Regulation

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64 Replies to “Hipop Giveaway: RED VELVET “RBB” Album”

  1. 1. The comeback/song of RBB is really very nice and catchy and very addicting. Its beat is very nice and the mv is also nice and i like the story line from peek-a-boo to bad boy to RBB!!!The whole track is so catchy and very nice!!!!
    2. My bias is Irene because she is sooo cute and she is very pretty!! She is also so funny!!!진짜 너무 이쁘고 착하고 귀엽고 너무 좋아여!!꼭 당첨되고 싶슴돠!!!진짜 노래도 좋고여!!!꼭 당첨 되고 싶습니댜!!! I hope i could i could win this giveaway!!!

  2. 1. Red Velvet’s RBB Comeback/Song is dominated by a funky beat and brassy horns, and a music video inspired by ’80s horror aesthetics, including werewolves and a blood-curdling scream, seemingly courtesy of vocalist Wendy.
    2. My bias is Wendy, because she has the powerful voice in the group when she scream in her mv and you can easily determine when Wendy sings.
    Thank you.

  3. 1.) Red Velvet’s RBB Comeback song is a very catchy song because its beat makes you move and sing and and its mv is so very nice as its catches the halloween concepts.
    2.) My bias is Wendy because she is so ver funny and she has the highest note in the group.
    I hope I coul win this giveaway. THANK YOU!!