DAY6 Official Light Band Unboxing

Let’s bask in and explore the beauty of DAY6’s Official Light band!

This article will provide details on the unboxing experience of DAY6’s official light band in honor of their upcoming world tour “Youth” in North America.

DAY6 is a South Korean rock band under the label JYP Entertainment that made their debut on September 7th, 2015. The band is composed of five members: Jae (lead vocalist, guitarist, rapper), Sungjin (leader, main vocalist, rhythm guitarist), Young K (bassist, vocalist, rapper), Wonpil (synthesizer, keyboardist, vocalist), and Dowoon (drummer). Originally, DAY6 was a six member band including Junhyeok, but unfortunately, Junhyeok departed from the band in February 2016 due to personal reasons.

Since their debut with the mini-album “The Day“, the band has released over 50 tracks, including Korean and Japanese songs, along with English covers.


Upon the release of the news of their North American leg of the tour for “Youth” by SubKulture Entertainment, details of official tour merchandise were also revealed!

When going to a KPOP concert, or any concert, there is no better way to experience the full event than with the official merchandise; especially the band’s light stick (or in this case, I should say light band).

Back on June 7th, in honor of DAY6’s first anniversary of their fan club (MY DAY) the details and appearance of the light band were revealed. The official release of the merchandise was released just a few days later on June 22nd for purchase and order.


The day that pre-order for merchandise was open, the light band order request immediately hit it’s quantity availability. Thankfully, a few hours later, SubKulture Entertainment announced a restock of the merchandise, easing fans minds by knowing that they were still able to make their pre-order requests until the quantity amount emptied again.

Lucky for us, right when SubKulture restocked their pre-order volumes for the light band, we were able to ensure two orders before it sold out again.

Check out the photos I took of DAY6’s light band:


Just by the photos presented above, you can tell how beautiful the light band is; so simple yet so elegant. Upon first glance, it gives an impression of a toy watch that you may have seen or owned in your childhood days, giving an adorable touch for fans.

Personally, I thought the vibrant green leaf inside first gave me the impression of the Japanese Animation show “Naruto“. Maybe instead of an actual hitai-ate (forehead protector), Naruto fans can also use DAY6’s light band to represent Konohagakure no Sato (Hidden Leaf Village).


Compared to light sticks that fans have commonly seen in the past, DAY6’s light band is quite unique. Not only do you wear the light, but you can also charge it; good-bye batteries! Fans no longer have to worry about carrying the extra weight of batteries, or having them confiscated upon entry to the concert venue.

The wrist band is very comfortable to wear, but it can be quite bulky if you happen to have a small wrist. Even though there are quite a few notch holes to clasp the band together onto your wrist, if you have a slim wrist, you might have to resort to either punching another hole or using the light band as a unique light stick.

Unfortunately, as the band is charging, there is no light up indicator if the band is successfully charging or not. It’s safe to assume you can just charge the band for a day, then it will be good for 24 hours or even possibly 48 hours. When in doubt, simply bring a charger pack and plug in the band if you happened to need a little more juice.

One last point I want to mention is about the button to change the light settings. In total, the band has three (3) settings that fans can change to use at the concert. Each setting introduces a new light function within the band.

You can watch the three settings down below:

 * Be cautious of flashing lights within the video *

The first setting is simply the light turned on, having the light stay mobile; giving you a proper chance to bask in the beauty of the light band. With the light on, it gives a soft beautiful glow that enhances the leaf inside. Not to mention the sparkles around the cover give it a nice touch.

The second setting is a soft glow and flashing effect, like a beacon signal. It’s not too harsh on the eyes, but best to not stare at the light for too long. I truly like how the soft flashing accentuates the sparkles on not only the dome of the band, but also inside. It kind of gives a feeling of the leaf jumping inside. Just like when you shake a snow globe and watch everything softly fall down.

The final setting is definitely perfect for party time; possibly the most aggressive out of the three options. There’s no better way to describe this setting than a spazzing light. I highly recommend this setting if you happen to be lost and you need to find your friend in a crowded area. It’s the setting that I will not be using as often compared to the other options.

Note that the button to change the settings of the light band can be slightly difficult to press. It took me a few tries before I was able to swiftly change the settings. It’s probably best to wear the band having the button facing where it would be most comfortable for you to push the button.


For DAY6’s first light band, I have to say that even though it looks so simple, it’s still beautiful. It’s simplicity makes it even more unique and special in my opinion. They do say that sometimes the simplest things are the most precious and captivating.

Now that my light band has finally arrived, I’m so ready to see DAY6; are you? Order your own light band and merchandise before it’s too late!

What do you think about DAY6’s light band?

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